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31 – F55)                     Here is another busy scene at Stroley International.  The Arriva XC Turbostar, 170102 has departed from platform 2b via the mid-platform crossovers, taken the through road and is now accessing the Up / Main with a service for Birmingham International.

The Mk.4 Mallard set, hauled by First ScotRail’s 90024 instead of the more usual Class 91, enters platform 5 from the Down / Main and London King’s Cross.

The Voyagers, Arriva XC’s in platform 3a and Virgin’s (platform 6a), rest patiently in their timetabled breaks of fifteen minutes each.

The Northern Rail’s Class 156 pairing of 425 & 484 in platform 4 will be the next southbound service to depart, heading for Carlisle after the Turbostar has cleared the section.

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32 – F56)                     Viewed from the rear cab of a loco traversing the TMD access road, this photo shows a close up of 90024 in the very appealing First ScotRail’s “Barbie” livery.  Even though the Government run “East Coast” is the temporarily running this franchise, the Mallard set is still in the GNER royal blue colours of a previous holder of this franchise, this colour scheme really suits, in my opinion, these smart looking sets.

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33 - F57)                     The Thalys Set in platform 1 is now ready for departure.  Ebbsfleet, Lille, Brussels and a destination of Koln is the order of the day for this service.

The Arriva XC Super Voyager (221135) is still on its timetabled fifteen minute break as is the Virgin Super Voyager (221130).

Just breaking for the station stop in platform 4 is the “Barbie” liveried 170413, with the Inverness to Stranraer long distant First / ScotRail service.

Platform 5 plays host to the GNER liveried 82219 DUKE of EDINBURGH, with an East Coast service headed uncharacteristically by 90024 out of view.

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34 – F58)                     The country section between the arched and motorway bridges plays host to the departing Thalys (Set No:- 4321) service to Koln on the Up / Main and the German ICE unit (Set No:- 4608) arriving from Berlin on the Down / Main.  The latter train is a couple of minutes in front of schedule; is slowing to be held at the next signal which guards the station throat, until the route into platform 1 has been reset after the departing Thalys unit.

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35 – F59)                     The Fort William and Inverness lines this evening are blocked by early starting overnight engineering works and those portions of the overnight Caledonian sleeper are unable to run. That being the reason why the EWS shunter, 08683 is bringing the Glasburgh section from the Paxton Carriage Sidings and running it into platform 2, one of the terminating platforms.  Normally it would be diagrammed to join up with the two aforementioned portions in platform 6.  Tonight’s service will be hauled by the Virgin “variation” liveried, 86245 and the aptly named CALEDONIAN, just visible on the rear, coming across the throat from the Yard Line. 

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36 – F60)                     Reducing speed to the 40mph   speed limit of the station area, 47715 HAYMARKET, in the distinctive ancient ScotRail livery, brings its “load eight” of pipes for another major road improvement scheme, under the arched bridge on the Down / Relief.

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37 – F61)                     A sea of red aspects hold all the passenger services in their respective platforms to allow 47715 HAYMARKET, to bring its heavy load of pipes through the lower freight road and continue onwards towards Stirling.

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38 – F62)                     DB Schenker’s brightly decorated 37670 St. BLAZEY T & R S DEPOT slows for the station area speed limit with its load of steel strips.  Originating from the steelworks of Tees-Side, this load is destined for the ship yards of The Clyde.

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39 – F63)                     After being uncoupled from the Caledonian sleeper stock by a member of the EWS shunter staff, 08683 has run a few feet away from the rear of the stock to await the departure in an hour or so of the sleeper which will enable the shunter to be released.

First / ScotRail's “Barbie”  90024 and the GNER "Royal Blue" stock still awaiting "the off" in platform 5.

The brightly liveried DB Schenker Class 37, hauling the steel strips load for the shipyards of The Clyde, patiently awaits the departure of the Class 90 and its express.  It needs to traverse the raised arches section through all three tracks to reach the cross country route through the suburbs of the city of Stroley.

The ICE unit in platform 1 is still resting after its long journey to Stroley International from Berlin.  It will return to Germany and Hannover in particular, later this hour.

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40 – F64)                     From left to right in this shot are:- 221130 (platform 6) departing next in four minutes for London Euston via Carlisle and the WCML.

82219 DUKE of EDINGBURGH and its Mk.4 set will depart for London King’s Cross after the Virgin Super Voyager in eight minutes and will travel via the ECML.

Forward in platform 4a is the “Barbie” liveried Class 158, 158726.  Behind and also in platform 4a is the ScotRail “Whoosh” liveried sister which will pull forward shortly and join with its class mate to form a four car onward service to Perth in fifteen minutes.

Platform 3a plays host to an unidentified Arriva XC Super Voyager which will leave in twenty minutes for Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham New Street.

The upper through freight road now houses the DB Schenker Class 37, 37670 St. BLAZEY T & R S DEPOT with its “load eight” of coiled steel strips on bolster wagons heading for the ship yards of the River Clyde.

Platform two’s occupant, the Caledonian sleeper headed by 86245 CALEDONIAN in the virgin blue variant, is not due to depart for a further hour to allow the passengers time to fall asleep before departure.

Finally, the German ICE unit (Set No:- 4608) will slot into the southbound departures between the Arriva XC Super Voyager and the sleepers.  The International overnight service has station stops at York, Ebbsfleet Intl; Ashford Intl; Lille, Brussels, Koln and finally Hannover where arrival will the following morning some eleven hours after departure.

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