(How I Did It)

Build a Model Railway Layout from scratch.

I am a novice modeller; I am NO expert;

I just want to tell you, in layman’s terms, exactly …

How I Did It.


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Back in 1998 I started to build a large (17½’ x 6½’) model railway layout called STROLEY CENTRAL.

I have neither belonged to a Model Railway club nor any other organisation.  I built the whole thing from scratch using the internet and books / Model Railway magazines to source my knowledge and applications.  Explained elsewhere on my website, STROLEY CENTRAL was "broken down and skipped” in November 2007.


I am now in the process of building an even bigger layout (24’ x 12’) called STROLEY INTERNATIONAL, again from scratch with just a few scenes / cameos recycled from the previous layout.  Armed with my “wealth of experience” from building the previous layout, in July 2008 I started the new layout, again from scratch.


Whilst I would never be “pig-headed” enough as to pass myself off as a connoisseur in railway modelling, I would like to put down my experience of building a model railway to aid ANY modeller wishing to start building a layout but hasn’t a clue where to start or how to proceed. 

I shall explain How I Did It … often NOT the “correct” way as recommended by the hierarchy of our hobby!

Whilst many websites / articles tell you the theory of how to do various aspects of our hobby, none SHOW you exactly HOW to.

Through this article, which I shall endeavour to write alongside my building of the new layout, I hope to show exactly how I’ve done everything, from the concept of a layout onwards.

Throughout this article I shall recommend books / magazines / websites from which I have purchased and gleaned information.  I shall tell you the obvious, and the confusing (to me) and how I overcame any and all problems that I encounter along the way.


I shall proceed through the article via the following pages; to which I may return at a later date to add further advice if corresponding problems reoccur.  Each page will be accessible from this listing plus a link at the foot of its previous page.


I sincerely hope it is constructive, entertaining and above all, helpful for all layout building beginners.


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Thank you for your interest and I hope these pages are of great assistance.

Kindest regards.


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