Era / Area:- D .... In STROLEY WORLD this is .... say .... BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS in the  1970s.

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I Am A Member of the "I. B. I. S. I.– R. A. I. L." School of Model Railways.

( I Built It So I’ll Run Anything I Like )

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Featuring Westerns & Warships, Hymeks & Hoovers, hauling Blue & Greys and Chocolate & Creams

Ahhh Seventh Heaven!!


01)                   This is the main fiddle yard fully stocked with the trains being used for this era.  Not all are strictly from the ‘70s and at Stroley International the International electric units can be seen running alongside Westerns, Warships, Peaks, Hymeks and Hoovers!

This is what “Stroley Land” is all about, running what I like to run.

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02)                   This is again the main fiddle yard but from the other end.  Three HSTs; four International units; a pair of Whistlers; a Western and a Hymek are all raring to go from the “Up” direction exit via the arches section.

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05)                   Green is the main theme in this shot of the main fiddle yard “Down” exit.  From left to right is D6707; D1 Scafell Pike; D1007 Western Talisman (maroon); D95; D1662 Isombard Kingdom Brunel and D5512.

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06)                   08623 brings the Express Parcels service from the (off-stage) Fitzwilliam Yard along the bi-directional “Yard line.”  This will be held at the signal guarding the station throat until a suitable lull in traffic allows the shunter access to platform 2.

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08)                   The shunter trundles across the station throat and enters platform 2.  Note the pair of Class 20s that will take the Express Parcels service forwards are hitching a ride on the rear.  After the shunter detaches and the parcels are loaded, D8134 and D8000 will take this train via York to Low Fell in Newcastle.

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11)                   Here 08623 and its “load 6” plus pair of 20s enters platform 2 where postal workers await its arrival before loading up parcels for Yorkshire and the North East.  The pair of 20s are diagrammed to take the train to its destination.  The 08 will scuttle back to the Fitzwilliam Yard during a lull after the departure of the Parcels train as platform 2 is a terminating platform.

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12)                   With the whistlers in platform 2, a full blue InterCity 125 set has arrived into platform 3 as another set arrives into platform 4.  This latter set is a Pullman service with power cars in the intermediate livery between the original blue and the later “Swallow” liveries.  The blue set has London Paddington as its destination whilst the Pullman set will continue on to Plymouth after a fifteen minute rest at Stroley International.

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14)                   Waiting in the loco layover sidings for their next diagrams are 4 x 50s; 2 x Westerns; 2 x Warships and a solitary Class 37.  For the record and from left to right, front to back are 50010 Monarch; D400; 50037 Illustrious; 37025 Inverness TMD; D1035 Western Yeoman; D832 Onslaught; D804 Avenger; D1015 Western Champion and 50008 Thunderer.

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15)                   Another view of the rather neglected and becoming rather overgrown layover sidings.  Three 50s and a brace of Westerns are viewable in this shot and are the same locos as in photo 14 (above).

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18)                   With the two InterCity 125 services about to depart in opposite directions, D1 Scafell Pike enters the lower “through” freight road with a “load 8” of Tiphook, Ferrywagon and Transfesas originating from Portland Grove in Murcia, Spain and destined for businesses in the Exeter area.  This freight service will be held in the through road until after the departure of the InterCity 125 for Plymouth.

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20)                   D7039 hauls its load of blue / greys along the arches section and into platform 5.  This service, originating from Paignton will terminate here at Stroley International.

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22)                   Hymek D7039 rolls off the arches section and into platform 5 with a terminating service from Paignton.  In the foreground the TMD staff are attending to the bodywork of 50013 Agincourt.  D1 Scarfell Pike and its Tiphook, ferrywagon and Transfesas are held in the lower through freight road for the departure of the InterCity 125 in platform 4 for Plymouth.  The blue InterCity 125 in platform 3 will depart for London Paddington imminently whilst the shunter, 08623 patiently waits to be released by the express parcels service for Low Fell, Newcastle. 

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24)                   The Chocolate and Cream liveried 3-car Class 117 (117305) has just been released by the signal guarding the station throat on the Down Relief and is aiming for platform 6 from where it will continue on to its destination of Weston-super-Mare.

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