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Situated between the two, Glasburgh is the amalgamation of Glasgow & Edinburgh.

With East Coast and Cross Country services running to and through Edinburgh;

Pendolinos terminating at Glasgow plus a multitude of units at both, this will hopefully

create an interesting operating scenario.

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01 - F02)                     A hectic scene at Stroley International – units galore during the morning rush, ferry their commuters into the city from the suburbs and beyond.

The early Eurostar departure from Paris disgorges its international passengers onto platform 1 whilst in the adjacent platform of 2a, the 3-car Northern Spirit Trans Pennine Express 158811, will depart imminently along the Up / Relief for Manchester Airport via Newcastle.

The Arriva XC Super Voyager, 221135 is almost ready for “the off” from platform 3a for a marathon trip to Plymouth.

The brace of Class 156s, 156430 in Strathclyde PTE livery and Northern Spirit’s 156490, have arrived from Carlisle.

The First / ScotRail Turbo, 170413 has arrived from the DMU stabling area and is ready to start its first diagram of the day to Newcastle.  170424 in the ScotRail “Whoosh” livery has just arrived from North Berwick to where it will return shortly.

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02 - F03)                     A hectic scene at Stroley International part two!  The photo above deals with the southern end of the station whilst this photo deals with the northern end.  The Eurostar stretches along both sections of platform 1 and in the adjacent platform, 2b; the Regional Express with ScotRail brandings, 158702 used the centre platform crossovers to reach this end with a service from Dundee.

Platform 3b plays host to the arrival from Motherwell in the hands of 158726 in First / ScotRail “Barbie” whilst on the opposite island platform face in ScotRail “Whoosh” is 158741.

The Strathclyde PTE Turbo, 170470 squats in platform 5b and opposite the 2-car First / North Western Class 158, 158758 is on loan from south of the border.

Waiting in the loco wash road is Freightliner’s 86602.  Alongside and in the TMD awaiting minor defect repairs are Class 47s 778 IRRESISTIBLE in Res red and 787 WINDSOR CASTLE with 37419 in

E.W & S markings.

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03 - F04)                     The full station view of the two halves of Stroley International as detailed above.

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04 - F07)                     A member of Network Rail staff whilst negotiating the “duck board” crossing from the refuelling depot to the signalling centre, and making sure he is doing so from a legal and safe position, has taken this photo of the units in the lower section of the station viewed from the station throat.

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05 - F08)                     A member of Network Rail staff whilst negotiating the “duck board” crossing from the refuelling depot to the signalling centre, and making sure he is doing so from a legal and safe position, has taken this photo of the units in the upper section of the station viewed from the station throat.

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06 - F16)                     The northern access tracks to the station are busy with two departures and one arrival.  The Strathclyde PTE Class 170, 170470 is signalled for the cross country route through the industrial area of Stroley.  The Turbo unit has East Kilbride as its destination.  The 2-car Class 158 in ScotRail “Whoosh” livery, 158741 takes the main route and heads for Perth as 158726 in First / ScotRail “Barbie” colours is arriving into platform 3 with a service from Stranraer.  The cars in the foreground are queuing under the rail bridge for entry into The Priory multi-storey car park.

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07 - F19)                     158811 builds up speed on the Up / relief now it has cleared the station throat as it heads for Manchester Airport via the ECML and Newcastle.  The colourful pairing of 156s (490 leading and 430) take the Up / Main for Whitby and will overtake the former quite soon as the line speeds differ by 35mph and the former has more station stops than the latter.

The locos refuelling in the foreground from left to right are: 66623 BILL BOLSOVER in Bardon Aggregates colours; 67005 QUEEN’S MESSENGER in Royal Claret; Virgin Thunderbird 57307 and 47715 HAYMARKET.

Just able to see in the distance at the top of the photo is the DMU cleaning and stabling area.  150125, in Central Trains colours is in front of Arriva XC’s 170102 which are alongside Virgin Super Voyager 221130.  All await their first tour of duty of the day.

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08 - F21)                     Departing for and arriving from London; the GNER HST, headed by 43194 picks up speed as it takes the Up / Main for the ECML and eventually King’s Cross, whilst the Virgin Pendolino, 390012 VIRGIN STAR, arrives on the Down / Main into platform 4 from Euston and the WCML.

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09 - F24)                     Another excellent view from an unusual angle.  Here’s the station from the “duck board” crossing.  From left to right are: 170424, 170413, 390012 and 43194 and just visible, the Eurostar power car from half set 3219.

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10 - F25)                     Just arrived into platform 3 from King’s Cross (all through platforms are bi-directional) is another of the intensively timetabled cross border services from King’s Cross.  In view is 43105 CITY of INVERNESS, in “tail” position for onward travel to the Scottish city after which it is named.  The Virgin Pendolino will return to London shortly.

The pair of Class 170s have onward timetable journeys imminently.

Showing off to good effect is some of the layout detailing.  Centre stage and still in the process of refuelling are 67005 QUEEN’S MESSENGER and 66623 BILL BOLSOVER.

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11 - F26)                     Running through the country section and more particularly along the Up / Relief, 158741 in ScotRail “Whoosh” livery is picking up speed quickly as it heads a local diagram to Kirkcaldy.

Passing in the opposite direction and slowing for a signal check just passed the arch bridge on the Down / Relief, 158726 proudly wears the First / ScotRail “Barbie” livery.  Co-incidentally, this unit is also on a Kirkcaldy to Stroley diagram.

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12 - F27)                     Time waits for no man as the saying goes; its now mid morning and from high above the country section 170424 in ScotRail “Whoosh” livery is photographed returning again from North Berwick on the Down / Relief as the Strathclyde PTE liveried 170470 takes the Up / Main and has Middlesbrough as its destination.

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13 - F31)                     Still wearing the ancient Express livery with ScotRail brandings, 158702 is signalled onto the Up / Relief and a destination of Lanark as First / ScotRail “Barbie” 170413, slows off the Down / Main as it enters the 40mph speed limit in the station area, with a limited stop service from Newcastle.

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14 - F33)                     The morning rush hour is now a distant memory as freight trains pass through the area with a purpose of hitting their destinations before the evening rush.  Negotiating the point work and entering from a northerly direction, 92041 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS and 66152, in new owner DB Schenker’s new house colour of red, head a DIRFT bound container train into the upper through road.

The multi story car park is filling up nicely, but there appears to be some sort of fracas on the top level.  The “old bill” is in attendance but unaware of the excitement above, life goes on around the arches.

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15 - F35)                     A panoramic view of the southern end of the station sees the “access all routes” throat spreading out between the DMU area and the refuelling roads as the main line disappears under the arch bridge into the country section.

The 92041 / 66152 combo with their southbound container train take the Up / Relief as Malcolm Rail’s 66412 heads a northbound intermodal service into the lower through road from the Down / Relief.

Now the combo has cleared the northern station exit, the GNER HST will continue to Inverness and the Virgin Pendolino will head south when the ScotRail 170 clears the section.

Just snucked into platform 6a is 158758 in First / North-Western “Gold Star” livery.  This unit will head for Carlisle in fifteen minutes.

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