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LATEST UPDATE:- 31 - 05 - 11.
 The curtaining of the underside of the layout
signals this completion .... pun intended !!
I have today now finished this last task.
<< 01 - 09 - 2008 .... to .... 31 - 05 - 2011 >>
The "BEFORE" Photo ....
The "AFTER" Photos ....
 The "DUCK UNDER" Entrance ....
I fully intend to continue with the Era / Area photo updates
at irregular intervals.
I fully intend to continue with the H.I.D.I. section updates
at irregular intervals.
Please keep checking back
or bookmark my "Latest Website Updates" page
where all updates to do with my four sites are logged.
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29 - 05 - 11.
I have dragged my heels over this for a good few months
as I wasn't too sure how I wanted the area to look.
The uploading pipes, all six of them, meander towards a concrete bunker-type building where the pipes then go under ground to storage tanks.  Fuel is then pumped to the surface tanks from where the refuelling bays receive their supplies.
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The  END  is  NIGH!!
No ... I'm not prophesying the end of the world, just the end of the building of this layout.
It has taken me just under two and three-quarter years to complete.
Well ... I say complete ... I think that a layout is never complete, just finished for now ... until I think of more scenery that could improve it.
I have started what I call the "tarting up" of my model railway.
I am covering up virtually the whole of the underside of the layout baseboards with a form of curtaining.
I have chosen to use a "Heavy Duty" Weed Suppressant fabric available from Wilkinson's amongst other retailers / garden centres.
It doesn't look perfect but does the job sufficiently well ... and is a lot cheaper than curtain lining!!
I've made a start on the shed entrance area as seen in the accompanying photos.
The fabric is cut to size and held in place with drawing pins under the "anti-knock-off" perspex strips
that were previously placed virtually all of the way around the inside edge of the layout
to save disasters from happening!!

The carpet indicates the "duck under" entrance to the inside of the layout.  The "curtaining" covers up the mass of packing boxes full of the indivdual Bachmann / Hornby et al boxes that all of the stock originally came in.  Well ... they have to be stored somewhere!!
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26 - 05 - 11.
I have recently made and fixed up a shelf above the main fiddle yard to aid the loco change overs after their diagrams in the particular operating eras.  This is a massive assistance rather than rummaging through the stock boxes piled on the floor.  There is also room for a second shelf below this new one, should the need arise.
I have shelled out for the recent new Bachmann Limired Edition Class 20 release in conjunction with Model Rail.
It is 20904 in the DRS livery prior to the current "Compass" livery.
I have also purchased a Limited Edition Electrotren sliding door wagon in the Taunton Cider livery.  This is an HO-gauge wagon, but goes well as part of my "booze cruise" importation train from Europe.
My mate Andy of PORTLAND GROVE fame, purchased a Class 56 in Loadhaul livery and had it delivered to Stroley International.  After giving it a run, it was quite clear that Stroley needed one so I too purchased the Hornby model 56003 in the extremely attractive Loadhaul livery.
I have also now completed the "Joe's Caff" area of the lorry / coach park in the area in front of the arches section of the lower board.
The Council Officers have visited and marked out Joe's patch and to help with boundary issues, a quantity of "Witches Hats" have absconded from the local motorway road works.
Joe has also recently purchased from TEN COMMANDMENTS, four picnic bench tables.
Nobody is sitting at them yet due to the over powering paint fumes coming from them.
 I am also in the process of finishing off the pipe runs in the fuel unloading area.
Photos upon completion.
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15 - 04 - 11. 
Here it is ... at long last,
the HORNBY / MODELZONE collaboration in the form of the
EAST COAST (Silver & White) HST.
My YouTube channel HERE features a video of this set.
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22 - 03 - 11.
Born out of the sale of the magazine RAIL EXPRESS to the Mortons Madia Group, owner Philip Sutton has now expanded his niche market of Limited Edition 00-gauge models with the release of their latest batch of Bachmann Limited Edition Twin Train Packs.
These feature Class 37 / 7s in three different liveries.
PACK "D" contains 37884 GARTCOSH and 37713
both in the black and orange livery of the Loadhaul freight company.
PACK "E" contains 37702 TAFF MERTHYR in triple grey Transrail livery
and 37798 in the aircraft blue livery of Mainline freight.
Their next batch of exclusive Train Packs will feature a "back to the drawing board"


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You may have noticed that the layout is bare with no stock on it.  I have cleared the layout completely of the stock for Eraa "A", "B" & "F".
The next one to be set up will be Era "D" (the '70s in the West Country),
then Era "E" (NSE / Late '80s) and finally Era "C" (the GWML in the Present Day).
Notification of the photographic evidence of the next era photos will be in due course.
With the layout clear of stock, and not having cleaned the track for a good few months, I will take this oportunity to employ the PECO track rubber which will get a vigorous workout
prior to the DAPOL Track Cleaner having a hoover up.
Not a chore I relish but it is an unfortunate necessity.
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10 - 02 - 11.


The severe weather that we suffered during December ’10 and January ’11, made it far too cold to do any “testing” or scenery work on the layout outside in the shed.

During that time I busied myself indoors (on the computer in the warm) by starting the task of composing the timetables to which I will eventually run Stroley International.

Each of the six operating Eras / Areas will have their own individual timetable.

It is these that has kept me entertained during the enforced period indoors.

To date, I have two operational timetables completed.

These are Era / Areas “A” and “B.”

The former has 426 movements; the latter 467.

I hasten to add that before these are “set in stone” they must have an actual “run through” on the layout to ensure there are no conflicting moves or errors.

It took a couple of false starts before getting into the swing of the composures.

I made on the computer, in the programme Microsoft Excel, a schematic version of the layout.

All I included on this version of the Track Plan was where any train / unit / loco etc, would stop.

In other words, anywhere on the layout that I have positioned a signal.



I have given each track in the fiddle yards a number.

E.g.:- FY 15 is Fiddle Yard Track 15;

Plat 4A is obviously platform 4.

The “A” section of the platform is the right hand; the “B” is the opposite end. 

UP REL is the "up relief" (slow) line running through the Country Section etc., etc., etc.

Each move, be it light loco; passenger, DMU or freight has a individual movement number.

The “Operations” sheet below should be self explanatory, as should the Schematic Track Plan.

Each formation of my stock has a code.

“A” represents coaches (e.g. A6 is 4 x Regional Railways Mk.2s).

“B” represents HSTs.

“C” represents DMUs;

“D” represents Sprinters;

“E” represents freights.

Locos are shown by their "TOPS" numbers.

Therefore 47749 + A 6 is a Class 47, 47749 “Demelza” in Colas livery

hauling 4 x Regional Railways coaches.

The “FROM” and “TO” columns are where each particular move commences and finishes.

The “OPERATION MOVEMENTS” are the direction / details of the specific move.

That explanation hopefully helps when viewing the "OPERATIONS" Sheet.

Due to the conversion from Excel to JPEG Files,

some of the quality and size have been lost.

If anyone requires clarification of either / both files, send an e-mail and I'll reply with an attachment.

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